Aviqua Reviews - What Is It?

Susan Jackson

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Aviqua is a facial anti-aging cream which promises to eliminate such signs of aging as wrinkles and fine lines. The produces claims to use only safe natural ingredients which are able to fight all unwanted aging signs quickly and effectively.

However, the manufacturer of this product isn't very popular and there is no other famous products of this company to be sure that Aviqua really works as it is described. If you enter the official website, you will find advertising but not evidence of its efficiency. Here we are going to reveal all secrets of Aviqua making our own research. To find out more about the principle of work of any product, it is better to look inside the package and discover which components are inside the product. Let's look what has been used for creating Aviqua.

Ingredients of Aviqua - How Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The list of ingredients includes the following components if to believe the producer of Aviqua:


Peptides - tiny proteins that are used to hydrate your skin and maybe in this way it is able to slightly rejuvenate the cells. However, there are some doubts nowadays that they are really so effective for fighting aging problems.

Alpha-hydroxyl acids - acids that can be got from milk sugars in a combination with fruit. All of them have various functions but the common goal - to remove aging signs. However, you shouldn't expect too much as some researchers aren't sure that all components are beneficial for your skin care.

Retinol - this ingredient is really able to eliminate the aging signs but only if the producer uses the right formulation and quantity. Here the problem is that you can't be 100% sure that it was chosen according to the necessary parameters as the company doesn't reveal the amount used. Besides this, Retinol can cause unpleasant side effects like redness, uncomfortable tightness, dry skin, pimples, itching. It is recommended to see your doctor in case you notice severe allergic reaction, including irritation of eyes.

Resveratrol - as for this ingredient there was really some research conducted to check how it works and there were studies in mice only. There is no guarantee that it will work the same for people. It hasn't been approved by the FDA.

Antioxidants - it is basically claimed that they are able to fight against the damaged cells. However, some severe allergic reactions have been reported (rash; itching; swelling of the face)

As you can see, Avique should be used with caution as it is not completely safe.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects

According to the reports of the customers who have already used Aviqua as their anti-aging cream, you can discover that such side effects as an allergic reaction is possible, including itching, swelling of face, redness and pimples. Read the reviews of those who know what you can get after using Aviqua.

"If you are reading this review because you have doubts about such anti-aging formula as Aviqua, then I would be glad to help you as I have had the same situation and decided to try it. However, recently I have understood that it was just a waste of money and by the way, this product is not very cheap, especially, if to take into account that I didn't get any benefits after using it. Moreover, I have noticed that my skin condition has even worsened and I have got several pimples on my face which can be the possible side effect of this cream. Don't buy Aviqua, if you have other variants to consider"

"I want to tell some facts about Aviqua experience. First of all, I have an unpleasant experience with this cream for solving aging skin problems. Maybe, I was expecting too much but I didn't notice any improvement, even more, after several times of using Aviqua, I have felt itching and noticed that my face became of the red color. I have sensitive skin type and now I know that Aviqua doesn't suit me at all being really an unsafe product. I can recommend you to consult your dermatologist to choose some other more natural herbal anti-aging remedy"

"I have stopped using Aviqua due to the fact that it didn't work for me as the producer promises. I still have the same wrinkles and fine lines and nobody in the family has noticed any changes for the better. Then I decided why to pay money for the product which doesn't work well? Aviqua is just the cream which claims to have many advantages and doesn't keep the word"

Where To Buy Aviqua?

If you still want to try if Aviqua is going to provide you with some benefits, you can look for it in some online shop as it is not available in the retail stores. The official website offers you the free trial for $5 but be careful as there are many hidden charges. If you order the product, you may find out in some period of time then you are being charged $90 each month till the end of your life in case you haven't cancelled the automatic shipment program. Aviqua is also available at Amazon, Walmart, GNC, Ebay and some other online shops full of different sellers, some of them can't be trusted at all.

My Final Summary

Aviqua is the product which has serious claims about solving all your aging problems and being able to make you beautiful despite your age. However, not all products of this range can be trusted and unfortunately, Aviqua is one of them. The product doesn't conform to the most important parameters: safety, effectiveness, trustworthy producer as according to the customers' reports after choosing Aviqua once people won't have a wish to buy the next bottle.

The producer has provided the automatic order program which mean you can have a free trial and even if you don't like the product much, you will get it every month on the regularly basis till you don't cancel it. Be careful not to be trapped into the autoship program. By the way, the refund policy of the company is also not beneficial as you can't return the product after two weeks. In any case you will be charged $10 for keeping the product for some time.

Affordable Alternative

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