Cold Plasma Sub-D Reviews - What Is It?

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In our era it has become quite possible to fight facial wrinkles and fine lines. Many modern men and women decide to use Botox injections and lifts every day despite the issue of inability to move their faces. Cold Plasma Sub-D is a new treatment that was specifically designed to fight a wavering jawline and falling chin saving our generation from high collars, turtlenecks, and tight scarves. The product was developed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist who has become famous due to spearheading the trend of medical experts developing their own products. The specialist promises that his product can lift and tighten the area that some people may call "the drop zone". But can Cold Plasma Sub-D really do what it is promised to do on the official website? To answer this question let us take a look at Dr. Perricone's neck rejuvenation treatment more closely to find out if it really works.

The official website of the company is low-informative when it comes to the details on how Cold Plasma Sub-D works. The manufacturer of the product is known as Perricone. It is not a very reputable or well-known company in the country, so you will have to learn more about them before trying their products. The main selling point of the product is that it reduces signs of a double chin and sagging neck. The product promises to improve the look and shape of loose skin so that you are refreshed and tightened from jawline to "collet". Can this product really sculpt your jawline well? According to the manufacturer, this product addresses visible signs of aging along the chin, jawline, and neck area. Can it minimize the appearance of ring lines and wrinkles along the contours of the neck? Can the product impart a more youthful and smoother appearance of your skin? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a look at the ingredients in the product.

Ingredients of Cold Plasma Sub-D - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Cold Plasma Sub-D

According to the Cold Plasma Sub-D website, the product utilizes strong ingredients suspended in proprietary technology and revolutionary delivery system created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. DMAE was included into the formula to create a neck rejuvenation treatment for better firmness to the chin, jawline, and neck. Unfortunately, neither powerful ingredients, nor proprietary technology or a revolutionary delivery system, are backed by any scientific evidence. This anti-aging cream also contains some other ingredients. Alpha lipoic acid is claimed to nourish and brighten the skin. High levels of caffeine can also be found in the product. This ingredient is claimed to provide your skin with a chiseled appearance. People with sensitive skin should stay away from this ingredient. They may find out that they have got some adverse reactions. The product is said not to contain any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates.

The manufacturer of Cold Plasma Sub-D does not mention any other ingredients except for alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, and concentrated caffeine; but these three substances can hardly do the whole job. Still there are some concerns about the safety and effectiveness of DMAE's effect on human skin. It is less researched than its effectiveness for facilitating neurotransmitters. No one knows exactly if DMAE can firm the skin. Even when DMAE can reduce sagging skin, it does this very insignificantly. There are some doubts about the effectiveness of these ingredients. According to the reputable websites, no topical treatment has been proven to change the look of sagging skin.

Lipoic acid has been studied in some animal experiments for its ability to slow down the aging process. The studies showed that lipoic acid helps to restore a cellular "signaling" process which is linked to the process of aging. In this way, lipoic acid might slow down the breakdown of cells as we age. Caffeine can provide a temporary boost to the skin but its effects are very temporary.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Cold Plasma Sub-D Alpha does not mention any side effects associated with the use of this product. Lipoic acid contained in the cream may be linked to some side effects, thus you are highly recommended to follow all the usage directions provided on the product package and label. Tell your healthcare provider about your allergies, medical conditions, and drugs you use on a regular basis. Ask your healthcare provider if this product is safe for you to use, especially if you suffer from liver disease; a thyroid disorder; diabetes; a thiamine deficiency; or if you drink a lot of alcohol. Do not use the product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Some experts believe that DMAE may be dangerous to use. However, topical treatments are reported not to be as dangerous as oral ones. There are many conflicts around the effects of this compound for sagging skin. Most experts believe that it can hardly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

There is a great number of real customers' reviews about Cold Plasma Sub-D on third-party websites. We have encountered a lot of complaints. The company is said to use unethical sales tactics. Thus, one woman tells that she bought the Cold Plasma neck cream after she saw its advertisement on TV. She thought that she was buying the cream from Perricone MD. To her surprise, the customer received a parcel with many other Perricone products a month later. The parcel came from the company called Guthy Renker. That company took money from the woman's account. Besides, she was put into a continuous supply scheme by Guthy Renker who continued to supply her with products she did not order. Every time they took money from her bank account. When the woman called Perricone MD to complain she was said that Guthy Renker was their sister company. She had to block Guthy Renker, otherwise they would continue taking money from her bank account. It's high time to read the actual customers' reviews available online.

"Be cautious with Cold Plasma SubD. I ordered this product and after receiving it, I started trying it. I applied the cream two nights ago and the next morning I woke up with a puffy, red neck that burned a lot. I haven't used anything else on my neck since. Today, my neck less red and puffy but it burns and feels rough. I would not recommend this product to anyone."

"Cold Plasma Sub-D doesn't do anything good. Three weeks ago I started using the full Cold Plasma Sub-D kit and experienced nothing. I have been using it as directed, but it is very expensive. For this money I could have ten units of Botox. Do not waste your money. This product does not work. My mother is 87 years old and she has always used plain Ponds which helped her."

"I am not happy with ColdPlasma Sub-D, since I haven't seen any results after a month of using it. I believe it is a scam. It does not bring any positive results for wrinkled skin. Dr. Pericone himself wears a high collar to hide his wrinkled neck. Avoid this product!"

Where To Buy Cold Plasma Sub-D?

If you want to buy Cold Plasma Sub-D via SubD.com, you will have to buy a skincare kit. You will also be automatically signed up for their auto-ship program, which means you will be charged $79.95, plus $3.99 for shipping every four weeks unless you cancel your subscription by calling at 1-800-567-0287.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Cold Plasma Sub-D this product does not seem to be worthy. First of all, it is too expensive. Second, it does not provide the promised results. Third, there is lack of information about the product's ingredients, which puts the safety and effectiveness of the product under doubt. A lot of online customers report facing dishonest sales tactics of the company. The modern market offers a wide variety of many other anti-aging products, so I cannot recommend Cold Plasma Sub-D to usage.

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