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DHC Skincare is a company based in Japan which specializes in healthcare and beauty products developed to enhance the appearance of your skin. These products use a combination of peptides, moisturizers, and antioxidants. According to the official website of the company, these components are able to make mature skin smoother and more youthful. The products on the site are divided into categories, such as cleansers, moisturizers, toners, boosters, products for eyes, lips and neck, exfoliants, masks, accessories, products for men, and special sets.

The products are also categorized by collection: Acerola, Camu-Camu, Beauty Lift, Coenzyme Q10, Olive Leaf, PQQ, Germanium, Olive Originals, Nanocolloid, Platinum Silver, Pore, and Resveratrol. There are products divided by concerns: fine lines and wrinkles, spots and uneven skin, elasticity loss, tone, oily skin, dryness and roughness, and enlarged pores. The main drawback of the official website is that it doesn't give enough information on the ingredients of the products, as well as their possible adverse reactions. To get this information you have to go to the "Ingredients" link. This link does not give any characteristics of the components. The only way to contact the company is to call to their customer service.

Ingredients of DHC Skincare - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The products offered by DHC Skincare include Velvet Skin Coat (makeup primer), Q10 Cream (Antioxidant remedy), Lip Cream Duo (two lip conditioners), EGF Cream (peptides for new radiance, Extra Nighttime Moisture (overnight revitalization), Deep Cleansing Oil (makeup remover), Revitalizing Booster Serum, CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture (moisturizer that does it all), and Q10 Cream. As the official website doesn't provide detailed information on the ingredients in each product, you have to buy it at first and then have a look at its outside packaging. However, there is only a complete list of ingredients without any description. It makes me think that these components may not do what they are expected to do. What is worse they can be harmful for the human health and potentially cause allergic reactions. No scientific research has been conducted on the ingredients in DHC Skincare products. At least, there is no evidence of possible studies online. It is mentioned that the ingredients in different products are subject to change. The most accurate ingredients list can be found on the product packaging.

DHC Skincare

As the company offers a big a number of skincare and beauty products we will have a look at one of them. I have chosen EGF Cream as an example. This cream promises to help your skin combat wrinkles, but it doesn't seem to be as highly ranked as other anti-wrinkle products. Let's try to find out the reason. You can see that several major ingredients in this product are quite familiar to you. This is because they are added to many other modern skincare products. You can find moisturizers such as Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid, peptides like Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and many natural ingredients such as palm oil extract and olive oil extract. The peptides used in the product make up the "Epidermal Growth Factor".

Some other ingredients within the list can be very alienating to some customers, because they can be unsafe for daily use. The matter is that EGF Cream contains placental proteins. They are controversial to some users because they are extracted from the tissue of animals. Acerola is a Caribbean berry that contains a lot of vitamin C, which is important for the bright and even skin tone. There is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of this component. Alpha Arbutin is a brightener used to decrease the discoloration caused by age and sun as well as to promote better tone. But there is no proof that this compound can work safely.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is an exfoliator that claims to encourage the development and growth of skin cells making it look younger, but, unfortunately, this ingredient can cause a number of side effects. Camu-Camu Fruit and Seed are the sources of natural vitamin C and polyphenols for conditioning skin. Olive (Olea europaea) Oil possesses antioxidant and emollient properties, but there is insufficient data to prove its effectiveness in fighting the damage caused by free radicals. However, it can moisturize your skin pretty well. Beware, this component may leave an oily effect.

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that can be naturally found in skin but its levels somewhat decrease after 30s. According to some sources, it helps to combat free radicals and signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity and fine lines, but this component needs more research. Other ingredients include Resveratrol (an antioxidant), Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin C. My greatest concern in terms of all the EGF Cream components is that there is no information on their doses. They can be useful for the human skin but they simply won't work if used in too small doses. On the other hand, higher doses can carry potential risks for your health. I am at a loss.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As you may guess, the manufacturer doesn't mention any side effects of neither EGF Cream nor any other DHC Skincare products. However, I managed to do my own research and I found out that Stearic Acid, contained in EGF Cream, has been linked to neurotoxicity and even development of cancer in animals. Side effects from Epidermal Growth Factor Cream may also occur quite often but they are much milder. Some younger users report acne issues and other blemishes after using the cream. The ingredients list of EGF Cream is too long and varied, so it is difficult to say whether any of the substances will cause skin irritation, but the risk is extremely high. The best way to protect yourself is to test the formula on a small area of your skin before using the product. This will help you to check it for sensitivity. If you notice irritation, do not use it. Let us have a look at some users' reviews on EGF Cream and other DHC Skincare products.

"I have been using some DHC SkinCare products for a month, namely Q10 Cream and Velvet Skin Coat, but I didn't experience any improvement in the look of my skin. I cannot recommend these products. They don't work at all!"

"DHC Skincare products are not worth your money. They are expensive variants of much cheaper skincare products. DHC Epidermal Growth Factor Cream is extremely expensive but all I had after using it is an oily skin! Avoid buying such expensive products."

"I bought a few DHC Skin Care products for my mother who is in her middle 50s. She already has some fine lines and wrinkles on her face. She was sincere to confess that EGF Cream caused severe irritation of her skin. I am very disappointed that I trusted this company."

Where To Buy DHC Skincare?

All DHC Skincare products can be purchased from the official website of the company. The prices are quite high. For example, DHC Epidermal Growth Fac DHC Epidermal Growth Factor Cream costs $100, Skin-perfecting makeup primer costs $23, the price of Q10 Cream is $39, Lip Cream Duo costs $15, the price of EGF Cream is $71, Extra Nighttime Moisture costs $36.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend DHC Skincare products because they seem to be very doubtful to me. I am concerned with too long lists of unknown ingredients which do not have any scientific or clinical background. Some users have suffered from negative skin reactions, while others are unsatisfied with the effectiveness of DHC Skincare products.

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