Luminess Air Reviews - What Is It?

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Luminess Air is a new airbrush make-up kit made by the company known as Luminess Direct LLC. It allows users to reduce discomfort brought by traditional cosmetics and to feel confident with their make-up. The manufacturer has added a color match option to their make-up kits to meet the needs of people with different skin tones. These kits can be purchased online. Each of them comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Luminess Air's airbrushing kit comes with an at-home makeup application that might make its usage more convenient. The system offers easy maintenance, simple setup, and smooth results for a one-time cost. Before we move on it is vital to understand what airbrushing is.

Airbrushing is a special method of applying foundation. It has been popular among professional artists working in theater, film, and other special events. It works on the same principle as spray-paint. In action, the best way to imagine how airbrushing works is to imagine painting a wall with a sponge roller or a brush. A spray-on method provides even coverage. Each airbrushing system uses a small tool that holds foundation in a reservoir and sprays it on your skin in a spray-dot pattern. This eliminates any brush strokes and provides a natural look. The Luminess Air "basic kit" (promises a simple learning curve and everything you may need to apply airbrushed makeup, including: stylus, compressor, nozzle, brush, two .55 oz foundations, bronzer, primer / moisturizer, glow.

Ingredients of Luminess Air - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The Luminess official website offers "How To" videos that are meant to help users use the device for the first time, provide basic application tips and professional advice, as well as suggestions for mature skin. The Luminess Air foundation is promoted as oil-free and suitable for sensitive skin. The company claims that applying makeup with the tool has the next benefits. It provides a flawless and delicate finish that feels like you are not wearing makeup, with less fine lines and wrinkles. It is a hygienic way of application since neither brushes nor hands touch your face. It provides more light for better coverage that gives the skin younger appearance and reduces the look of age spots, blemishes, redness, acne, and large pores. In addition to buying an airbrush make-up kit the customer also needs to buy foundations, make-up kits, and other desired accessories. The website gives an opportunity to choose the desired shade according to the user's skin tone. It can be customized if necessary.

Luminess Air

The Luminess Air ingredients depend on whether you have purchased foundation, blush, glow, moisturizer, or bronzer. Most items include Glycerin which is an odorless and colorless humectant. It is used to prevent skin irritation and to moisturize the skin. Butylene Glycol is a chemical that helps to make other ingredients in the product water soluble. It is often used to thin lotions and creams. This compound may lead to certain sin reactions. Tocopheryl Acetate is a lab-produced variant of vitamin E. It is responsible for improved condition of the skin. Iron Oxides is used to retain the colors bright and attractive, so that they will not loss their original shade. This ingredient can be found in paints and different colored items that need stability. Potassium Olivoyl PCA is often used in hand creams. Little information can be found about this ingredient online, which increases the chance of side effects and allergic reactions. Stearic acid is a saturated fat that gives cosmetics a waxy consistency. However, not all users like the way it is applied to the skin.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Luminess Air says nothing about possible side effects of the product; however, by taking a look at the ingredients found in it I can say that the risk of certain skin reactions really exists. Possible side effects may include skin redness, irritation, burning, itching, swelling, etc. If you face any of these unpleasant symptoms, stop using the product immediately and address the doctor if needed. I am also concerned with the fact that the manufacturer does not provide any dosage information on the official website. It may mean at least two things - either the product is not effective enough or it may lead to undesired reactions.

There are quite many customer reviews about the Luminess Air on third-party websites. Some of them are positive, while others are not. What users like is that this method is suitable not only for the face but also for the whole body. It is easy to set up the device, according to the manufacturer's claims. All you will have to do is to plug it in, deposit foundation in the stylus's reservoir, and pull back a lever to start the process of application. It is necessary to clean the tool after every use to make the system serve longer. It is done by placing a little of water into the reservoir, and spraying the toll onto a cloth until the spray runs clear. It means that the product has been pushed via the nozzle completely.

Luminess Air is associated with over 300 complaints on the site PissedConsumer. Many of them reference negative customer service experiences, difficulty returning the purchase and being charged the full amount of money, being not allowed to return a device that had been used, too long shipping times (up to a month), unclear pricing. The buyers of the product gave Luminess Air an overall rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"The company behind Luminess Air should be shut down! So many customers have had bad experiences and monetary losses with this company. I also had poor experience with the company; however, they continue their business and are still deceiving people. The product is completely useless. Your face has to be white for you to be able to use this foundation. It makes imperfections and wrinkles even more visible instead of hiding. Their TV commercial is deceptive and has nothing to do with the real results."

"The LuminessAir company took advantage of my father who ordered it after having a stoke. They assured him to buy this garbage and when he tried to return it, he was denied. The next month they sent more to him and charged accordingly. They would not return it. It is the most terrible company I have ever dealt with. They take advantage of poor people."

"I am not satisfied with Luminess air at all. The application process requires a lot of time and does not do what is advertised by the company. The makeup itself is the cheapest I have ever used. I did not like its smell. The only positive is the air on my face; however, fans are much cheaper. I do not recommend this product to anyone."

Where To Buy Luminess Air?

To order the product, you will have to select your skin shade. The kit comes with two different foundation shades that can be mixed to get a natural look. The company offers a color match service if you need it. The Luminess Air Everyday system is priced at $199, and it is available on the Online Shop section of the official website. In addition, you will have to pay for foundation refills (between $18 and $40 depending on the chosen line). The website offers users an upgraded kit for a 30-day trial for $19.95. To return a Luminess Air device you will need to clean it thoroughly. Returns must also be authorized by the company's customer service.

My Final Summary

Luminess Air has a number of disadvantages. The product itself does not appear to have high quality and to offer the benefits it is advertised to offer. Many customers are not satisfied with the results they have faced. It may take a while to learn how to use the airbrush system correctly. The product may clog from time to time, causing a delay in make-up application and damaging the airbrush. You can return the product, according to the 100% guarantee. If you do not return it in its original packaging you will have to pay a $25 restocking fee. Many customers report that they have been ripped off by the company even if they returned the product. Taking into account everything we have learnt about Luminess Air all I can say - avoid it!

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