PreserVision Areds 2 Reviews - What Is It?

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PreserVision Areds 2 is the first brand that combines a number of essential minerals and vitamins which can be typically found in multivitamins. This supplement is simple to take and you don't have to take additional vitamins each day, according to the manufacturer. The formula contains Vitamin D to support the elderly and is beta carotene-free which important for current or former smokers. The supplement was created after the research involving a big number of participants. The supplement is meant for people who suffer from moderate age-related macular degeneration (AMD), however, it should be taken in combination with antioxidants for better effect. It is important to consult your doctor before using the supplement. The formula is not available at stores. It has an official website that is not informative enough as it lacks important information on the ingredients of the product and its possible side effects.

Ingredients of PreserVision Areds 2 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

PreserVision Areds 2 contains six nutrients which are said to be clinically proven but there is no official documentation to prove this fact. It is recommended by the National Eye Institute (NEI) as a remedy against moderate to advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Its main ingredients are lutein and zeaxanthin which replace beta-carotene. The manufacturer claims that there was a study in 2013 that involved thousands of patients but nothing more is known about this study.

PreserVision Areds 2

The company claims that PreserVision Areds 2 matches the updated nutrient formula that is recommended by the AMD experts at the National Eye Institute. The product contains copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Zinc, Zeaxanthin. But I managed to find out the complete ingredient list online. It includes Gelatin, Ascorbic Acid, Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, Peanut Oil, Marigold Flower Extract, Zinc Oxide, Soy Lecithin with Peanut Oil, Silicon Dioxide, Yellow Beeswax, Titanium Dioxide, FD'C Red 40, Cupric Oxide, and FD'C Blue 1. As the directions on the label say, the product should be taken twice a day with a full glass of water with food.

Ascorbic acid is one of the main ingredients in the product. Generally, it is used to prevent or treat vitamin C deficiency. Low levels of this vitamin can lead to the condition called scurvy which is accompanied with tiredness, rash, joint pain, muscle weakness, or tooth loss. It is also important for the health of bone, cartilage, skin, teeth, and blood vessels. As website webmd.com says, vitamin C may also be used to treat macular degeneration but there is no clinical proof that it works 100% effectively.

Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate is also known as Vitamin E which possesses antioxidant properties. In fact, this substance is naturally present in foods such as seeds, nuts, and leafy green vegetables. This vitamin is important for many different processes in the human body, however, it can be harmful in some cases. We are going to look at possible side effects of the product in the next section of this review.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of PreserVision Areds 2 does not inform their potential users of any side effects or adverse reactions. The product is not natural completely and contains chemical ingredients, thus I can assume that it can be harmful to some extent. After making a thorough research I found out that it can cause the following adverse reactions: abdominal cramps and pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or heartburn inform your doctor as soon as possible if any of these rare side effects occur: pink or bloody urine and painful urination. Sometimes, a serious allergic reaction occurs. Its main symptoms include severe dizziness, itching, swelling rash, trouble breathing. If you notice other effects, talk to your doctor.

High doses of vitamin may lead to blurred vision, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, stomach cramps, nausea, constant weakness and unusual tiredness. Before taking PreserVision Areds 2, ask your doctor if it is safe to use vitamin E if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions: anemia (low red blood cells); liver disease; a bleeding or blood clotting disorder such as hemophilia; kidney disease; retinitis pigmentosa; any allergies; a vitamin K deficiency; a history of cancer; high cholesterol or triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood); a history of blood clot or stroke; or if you need surgery. It is unknown whether vitamin E can be harmful for an unborn baby, that is why it is recommended to avoid using the supplement during pregnancy. Here are some of the users' reviews about the product.

"My optometrist recommended me PreserVision Areds 2 for age related macular degeneration. When I looked at the ingredient list, I understood that I'm already taking most of the vitamins in this supplement. I am afraid not to have an allergic reaction. I haven't noticed any positive effect as well yet."

"My husband is using Preser Vision Areds 2 and is not satisfied with the results. He doesn't feel any improvement in his eye condition. Several days ago he had an allergic reaction on his face. We don't know whether it was due to the supplement."

"My eye doctor wants me to take Preservision areds 2 for the treatment of macular degeneration, but I am in a doubt. I have read many negative reviews on this product. Should I order this product on Walgreens?"

Where To Buy PreserVision Areds 2?

PreserVision Areds 2 is now available in major retailers, including Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, Amazon, and GNC. The cost may slightly differ depending on the store. Walgreens sells a bottle of 120 softgels for $35.

My Final Summary

PreserVision Areds 2 cannot be recommended to usage due to the number of disadvantages. The supplement doesn't only seem to be ineffective, but it is also associated with numerous side effects and health dangers. If you are ready to risk your life, you may try this product. If you appreciate your health, look for a safer vitamin complex by a reputable company online. The modern market offers a great variety of similar options.

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