Privacy Policy

Susan Jackson

Our guests the importance of the privacy is important to us.

We are in the privacy of your personal information is important, I know. Visit when they come and visit this site and to protect your information and provide information about the data collected. We will not be transferred to third parties your personal information.

Files . Like most other sites, was used to collect data and documents. Your documents and pages we visited (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), our website (such as AOL or Shaw Cable), your ISP, your IP address (Internet Protocol).

Account Details . When users visit our site, register on the site to evaluate it, respond to surveys and forms to fill and take other actions on our site more user services, services or resources you can gather. If necessary, the user can request an e-mail address. However, users can visit our site without. If you are submitting this data on a voluntary basis, to collect only the user ID information. Some site users to participate -related activities if you do not ask, you can not have the rights to personal information.

Non-user account information . When speaking on our site, our users to collect personal identifiers. Computers, such as the name of the browser and user information, such as service providers and Internet service providers, and other relevant information as informal information.

Cookies . Our site may use cookies to improve our website. The user's web browser, and the direction of the hard drive, and sometimes to track information on cookies installed. The user is from the web browser will not accept cookies or cookies can remind us. When you receive some places Remember, it does not work properly.