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Scentbird is a monthly subscription service created for people who like buying perfumes online. It offers its members access to 30-day samples of designer fragrances for both men and women at a fraction of the full-bottle cost. Mariya Nurislamova was the founder and CEO of the company. She got the idea of a scent-sampling service when she was a teen. Mariya grew up in Berezniki, an industrial town in Russia. In an interview with Inc.com, she tells of her love for perfume; her grandmother's bottles of Red Moscow, then the collection of international flavors in her aunt's suitcase.

What differentiates Scentbird from other services of the kind? InStyle describes it as the "Netflix for perfume." The service is said to do more than just give users an opportunity to try out perfumes before paying their hard-earned money for the full-size version. The subscription service gives the members a chance to explore potential hits, making smarter recommendations, using new technologies, tracking their feedback for future recommendations. Scentbird offers social influencers, bloggers, and trendsetters an opportunity to earn through their affiliate program. Let's take a look at how the service works.

Customer Reviews - Does Scentbird Really Work?


To see what this subscription service offers, you have to sign up at their official website first. New customers will have to complete an interactive quiz, which will help the service to realize their preferences. Then Scentbird will suggest you different perfumes for you to select the options most suitable for you and place them in a monthly queue. In this way, you will receive a new bottle of perfume each month, such as Agent Provocateur or Anna Sui. Customers who don't want to sign up for a Scentbird membership can buy 8 mL cartridges of perfume or cologne without a subscription. Here's a catch: when answering the questions about your preferences you will have to enter your payment information. If you are ready to spend money on this site, this isn't a problem, but you should know that many customers complain about unexpected charges. If you click "Buy Now" it means that you agree to buy a continuous subscription. As a result, your credit card will be automatically billed on a monthly basis. Your Scentbird plan will be renewed by the company from time to time without your consent. Once you have signed up for the service, your first Scentbird order will ship the same month. All recurring orders are sent between the 15th and 18th of each month. The company usually sends an email confirmation of shipment. It should be remembered that the company only ships to the US.

There are not so many Scentbird Reviews online. Customers have very different opinions about the service. Blog posts are generally positive; however, the comment sections reveal some complaints from less-than-happy customers. Some customers have experienced delays with the shipping, while the others are angry with slow-to-respond customer service. Don't expect to be answered immediately whenever you have any questions or concerns. The company is associated with a few red flags worth noting. It appears to require your credit card information even before you order anything. Thus, if you are not very careful about what you click on, your credit card could be charged unexpectedly. It should be kept in mind that there are no refunds or returns. Since Scentbird is an autoship program, this can result in unexpected charges too. The company has poor customer service. Because the company offers social media stars and bloggers a $7 commission for each time when their reader clicks a link to buy, searching via reviews may subject you to some biased opinions.

If we take a closer look at the real customers' reviews we will see that some of them are very unsatisfied with their purchase. One customer says that she has been required to provide them her credit card number several times but she refused to. It seemed to be a scam to her. One guy writes that he has not received his items on three occasions. And he received a duplicate on one occasion. He doesn't like the customer service, and the website is hard to navigate. The man would appreciate it if the company would fix these issues. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews.

"My first Scentbird order was damaged. I finally received a replacement after a month. The customer service constantly ignored me. Besides, I was charged for my January scent and still have not received it. I let them know about that but they did not react at all. I am canceling my subscription now. The company has very poor customer service and shipping was delayed. So, it cannot be recommended"

"Scentbird perfumes have nasty smells. I have thrown away my purchases within the last three months. The Clinique perfumes smell like old ladies and smokers. The MALIN+GOETZ smells even worse. If next month's perfume smells like that, I will cancel my membership. Their perfume samples are absolutely horrible! Do not subscribe"

"I decided to try Scentbird because I don't always have time and desire to shop for perfumes in a traditional way. The fragrance of the month January is called (Malvin+Goetz) cannabis. It is the worst fragrance I have ever smelled. At the beginning, it is extremely strong, but when you let it dry, the smell changes and becomes horrible. I highly not recommend this company and their perfumes"

Where To Buy Scentbird?

There are three ways to receive perfumes from Scentbird: membership, full-size bottles, and gift boxes. Subscription (Membership) is priced at $15 per month, and comes with free shipping. Six-months plan costs $84 ($14 per month), while twelve-months plan is priced at $164 ($14 per month). Remember that your card will be charged each month. Shipping is free on orders over $50. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

While Scentbird deliver a special angle for trying new perfumes and colognes, it is necessary to say that they have worthier competition available on the market. Scentbird offers many of the same perfumes and colognes but at a higher price. It is up to you to decide which option is best for you but you are recommended to pay special attention to the online customer feedback first. At present, I cannot recommend Scentbird.

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