Tai Cheng Workout Reviews - What Is It?

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Tai Cheng is a workout program specially created for elderly people who have problems with their balance and orientation in space. This complex of exercises can help to reduce your current muscle or joint pain and make it easier for you to walk and to do your everyday activities. It intends to provide you with confidence to make you feel well your own body. This program of exercises is called Tai Cheng Workout because the name of its founder is Tai Cheng. This workout claims to make you the master of your life, to become more independent and to live the way you need it.

Tai Cheng also promises that his workout program helps elderly people to prevent dangerous falls. According to statistics, almost every old person is at a high risk of taking a fall at least once within the year. Mayo Clinic recommends doing some gentle movements to reduce the risk of falling. The program contains fundamental tai chi moves which can be mastered in just 90 days step-by-step. There is an official website that contains several customers' video reviews but it gives very little information on what movements are included into the program. There is no information about restrictions and contraindications.

Ingredients of Tai Cheng Workout - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As Tai Cheng Workout is a program of exercises it contains no ingredients but it offers certain movements to be performed every day of your life. Unfortunately, you cannot see any of them on the official website of the product, but it is claimed that all of them are simple and gentle. The founder of the program, Dr. Mark Cheng, is a Doctor of Sports Medicine. According to his opinion, low-impact tai chi movements can help the person to get stronger. This system of exercises is said to be easy to learn and to perform.

Tai Cheng Workout

Tai Cheng Workout is available in the video format which enables the user to see each move from three angles. Dr. Cheng uses a foot-placement grid to show the details of the moves. The program version is simple for every person, no matter how old you are or what your fitness level is. Tai Cheng Kit includes four workout DVDs which are meant to teach you the eighteen "essential movements". The main goal of the program is to improve your balance, relieve your aches and pains, and to decrease the risk of possible injuries and falls.

"Get Started" DVD is designed to be watched on the first day to ensure that you will manage the program that will last 90 days. It offers some breathing exercises and eighteen essential moves for you to get the idea what you will do within the next three months.

Easy Does It Guidebook will inform you about basic things about the program. It gives all the promises of Tai Cheng. Tai Cheng Wall Calendar is meant to show your everyday routine for you not to get confused. You will be able to track how much confidence and strength you gain. Feel Better Food Plan contains a lot of recipes of delicious and healthy meals and snacks. This is meant to help you lose weight and improve the look of your body. Quick Relief Foam Roller is promised to release knots and kinks in your joints and muscles. This foam roller can be used anywhere.

The program will take 10 minutes of your time every day. It intends to relax your muscles and relieve tension in your body. It can be used by young people after a strenuous activity. You can also get a Resistance Band that uses resistance to make your body stronger.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is no information on possible contraindications and adverse reactions associated with the use of Tai Cheng Workout online. As a professional, I can say for sure that following any workout program requires consulting your doctor. This is especially important for elderly people who don't feel healthy completely. Ensure to visit your doctor and to show what you are going to do within the next ninety days. Be careful with doing exercises if you suffer from hypertension of heart disease. It would be better if any of your relatives were present when you are exercising to help you in case of emergency. The best way to learn anything about this workout program is to look at the reviews of the people who have really tried it.

"Not long ago, I fell down and hurt my hip badly. After that, I decided to try Tai Cheng Workout because I was afraid to walk alone. Unfortunately, I wasted my money because nothing has changed since I started doing that program. It did not influence my balance yet. I have been doing the exercises for a month already."

"I don't feel confident walking alone. I always try to move smoothly and slowly. I wanted to become more active with TaiCheng Workout but it didn't work for me the way I expected. It just helped me to stay active while I was sitting at home."

"I love playing golf but very often my neck and back ache after games. In order to be able to relax these parts of my body I decided to buy Tai Cheng workout. It does help me to relax but, to my mind, this program is too expensive."

Where To Buy Tai Cheng Workout?

Tai Cheng Workout can be purchased today from the official website only. It costs almost $60. It is not a cheap program, I should say, especially taking into account that it offers too simple exercises. The product isn't available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

Final Summary

Tai Cheng Workout cannot be recommended to usage because it is associated with a number of drawbacks. The main one is that it doesn't bring the relief it promises. The program does help to relax the muscles but it cannot significantly improve coordination and orientation in space. Fortunately, this workout program is not expected to cause any side effects. However, it should be used with caution by people with severe heart disease or hypertension. Besides, it is too expensive for a program of this kind.

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