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The majority of self-tanners leave the skin streaky, stinky, and orange? However, Tan Physics Sunless Tanner claims to hydrate, nourish, and feed your skin for an attractive bronze and protect it from dangerous UV-sunrays. Unlike numerous beauty products, a good sunless tanner needs to meet some requirements. It should provide an easy-to-blend formula that does not cause streaks but creates a deep color with reapplication. It should give a natural-looking color to different tones of skin. Finally, it shouldn't have a nice smell. Does Tan Physics Sunless Tanner meet these requirements? We will take a closer look at this product to answer these questions.

The tanner claims to use the most exclusive ingredients for skin care. According to the official website, Tan Physics is easy to apply and does not leave blotch or streak. The lotion is formulated for use on the whole body and face. The tanner is said to use a True Color formula that is able to adjust to your specific complexion, providing you with a tan ideal for your specific skin tone and type. In addition, the product promises to deliver nourishing skin care to keep your skin soft and well- tanned. Tan Physics official website also states that the products is made in the USA but there is no detailed information about the manufacturer, which means that this is a not reputable or popular company.

Ingredients of Tan Physics - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Tan Physics

The official website states that their tanning formula has never been tested on animals and contains a naturally derived sugar base and a number of the following ingredients. Argan Oil is expected to protect the skin from appearance of wrinkles, diminish the look of fade stretch marks, crows feet, and reduce skin irritation. This ingredient is rich in vitamin E that is used to moisturize dry skin. Coconut Oil in Tan Physics claims forms a protective barrier. It works by locking in moisture without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. Unfortunately, any effectiveness of this ingredient is washed away after your next shower. Matrixyl is said to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and activate collagen production. It is a tiny protein that has been used by the anti-aging community for a short period of time and is not studied well enough. There is lack of evidence that Matrixyl is able to stimulate skin for higher cell turnover.

Hydrolyzed Collagen claims to restore the elasticity and strength of your skin, which sounds really fancy, though. Actually, this is a common ingredient in gelatin food products. Besides, there are no scientific studies backing up the claimed benefits of this compound in skin care products. The manufacturer of Tan Physics claims that their tanner has the highest quality in the world, blended and kept in a laboratory with climate control. However, there is no additional information on how their formulas differentiate from others that darken your skin for a short period of time. All tanners use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) (usually with a concentration of between 1% and 15%), that turns the upper layer of skin brown by reacting with the sin's natural amino acids. It is unknown what concentration of DHA their Tan Physics Sunless Tanner contains. So, it is impossible to say how effective it is.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There are 26 reviews about Tan Physics Sunless Tanner on Highya at present, but only 38% of them would recommend this product to others. The most common complaints referenced the orange or unnatural color after using the product, noticeable stains on hands left after applying the tanner, barely noticeable and disappointing results, high cost of the formula when compared to the competition, an unpleasant smell of the tanner and that the product made some users' skin irritated and dry. At the same time, there were people who appeared to have enjoyed the results they experienced using Tan Physics Sunless Tanner. The company behind the product leaves limited recourse for unhappy customers. They are not yet registered with the BBB. At the Tan Physics Facebook page there are many questions posted by potential customers who are still awaiting a response. Let us take a look at what the actual users think about the product.

One customer reports that she spent over $100 for the exfoliations step and the tanning step. She was promised a product that causes no streaks and provides even tan color. The woman used the tanner once. She did the exfoliation step and applied the product and got streaks and blotches that looked like healing bruises. The user had to explain her friends that it was just the low-quality tanner. She was very disappointed. Another customer was unsatisfied with her purchase, so she returned it in plenty of time. Even though the company promises a 100-day money back, the woman still can't reach anyone from the customer service. She has already called them many times and left messages. She is sure that it is a scam and fraud. Another customer reports that her order never arrived and she was unable to track it. At present, she has no idea how to get my money back. Let's take a look at the actual users' reviews online.

"I got TanPhysics based on all the positive reviews from their official website but I was really disappointed. It smelled just awful. I took a shower and went to bed, but in the morning I saw that my bed sheets were stained. I applied the tanner the next day and I still had streaks all over my body. What I didn't like the most was my dry skin. I called for a refund and was answered that they would only return money for the bottles that have not been open"

"Tan Physics sucks! This product is sticky, creates streaks, makes you look orange, and smells too strong. My palms remain tanned even after extensive washing. It is like chocolate syrup. I will never put it on my face again. The product has low quality and is too expensive. Tan does not look natural. Do not buy it. I would not recommend it to anyone"

"Unfortunately, I fell for this scam. Tanphysics cost me $63 in Australia and it is the worst self-tanner I have ever used. I have used many self-tanners before. This one instantly made my skin orange and dried it too much. I did not see any healthy glow. On the contrary, it made me look older. Besides, it smells like toilet cleaner, although they claim it doesn't smell at all!"

Where To Buy Tan Physics?

The product can be bought from the official website. A one-month supply of Tan Physics Sunless Tanner costs $30, plus $10 shipping. You can choose from other pricing options too. Two bottles can be bought for $50, three bottles are priced at $70, while five bottles can be purchased for $100. The company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and promises to refund the money if you are not pleased with your purchase. Remember that you can get your money back for unopened bottles only. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Tan Physics may include some moisturizing ingredients, but they fail to be backed by any clinical trials. The official website of the company does not provide a full ingredient list and concentrations. At $30 (plus $10 shipping), it is difficult to recommend this product when the modern market is filled with so many more options at reasonable prices. The product has a negative customer reputation online. The people say that the company leads a dishonest refund policy. Many users experience extreme dryness of their skin. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Tan Physics to usage.

Affordable Alternative

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